The Council

KSJC (Kunsill Studenti Junior College) is an independent organisation with no political attachment whatsoever, that represents all Junior College students, irrespective of their political, religious, cultural or social background. The KSJC is made up of 8 board members that are elected by fellow Junior College students in an election that is held every year. This year, Pulse won the majority of the students’ votes, and all 8 candidates were elected in the KSJC.

The board members’ role and functions are clearly defined by the Official KSJC statute whereby the board members are obliged to work and respect that framework. At the end of the term, KSJC holds an Annual General Meeting whereby the students approve or disapprove the council’s work in the past year. Elections are then held to elect a new council. These elections may be contested by anyone, as long as they are Junior College students. The elected team will work upon organizing educational and recreational activities and caters for the students’ needs. The students are presented with a set of proposals from the contenders and are left freely to deliberate and make up their mind.

The KSJC aims to:
– Represent JC students on a national and international level.
– Intervenes in order to voice students’ concerns in any difficulty.
– Safeguard their interest and strengthen their rights.
– Fulfill students’ needs with regards to JC matters or any other student-related issues.
– Promote education and cultural activities amongst students.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions, in order to improve your Junior College experience and student life in general. KSJC encourages all students to be active and participate in upcoming activities which the council will be working on and organising, as well as the yearly KSJC elections.

Last updated: Jan 18, 2021 @ 11:17 pm