Young Enterprise

Innov8 has brought to market the ultimate product to help you organize your daily routine when carrying your keys. The PractiKey can hold up to 12 keys in such a small amount of space and will turn your messy, jangly keychain into something you can easily carry around.


We are FAZE. FAZE is a Junior Acheivment Young Enterprise compnay made up of nine Junior College students. We are selling organisers which we have branded as ‘Simply Sorted Organisers’. These are made out of wood and are essential to anyone who is trying to be orgaised. You can use our organisers to organise your desk, toletries and make-up.


Abstrax is a young enterprise company made up by 7 enthusiastic students from Junior College. The company’s vision is to see the amount of one time plastics reduced and see more students making use of the water fountains! Our product is a re-usable water bottle which folds down when empty making it the perfect companion for every Junior College Student!


DYCE – a JAYE Company is run by 8 Junior College students, working on their passion to become entrepreneurs. Mighty mug, our chose product, will surely make it out onto the Maltese markets!


Bold is a company made of 6 junior college students which sells customisable and personalised stationery with the aim of adding a touch of colour to students and people’s everyday lives