Young Enterprise

Type Walrus is a JAYE Malta company that wants to help businesses create a name for themselves online by designing websites and marketing material which are made to fit the business’ needs and wants. You can find Type Walrus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


This is a 5-month business, where together as a team, we will aid small business achieve and have an online presence, by selling their products on our website and marketing them through our Facebook page.


Innovaturi Maltin is a JAYE company founded by 6 of our students which is aiming to reduce the amount of plastic in our society by selling our product FlexiGo

Innovaturi Maltin

We are a group of 5 students who have decided to open up a company under JAYE Malta. We are ‘Begyn.’ because time flies by.

Our product could be simply described as a time-table app. Its main feature is to plan your time-table for you instead of having to input multiple routinely tasks. Small daily tasks can also be entered by the user. Since tasks differ according to the individual, the data required will be generated through a questionnaire which will be filled in by each user the first time they use our app so that we can obtain a basic plan. This questionnaire will ask the person questions such as the following; how often they usually take breaks, how much they want to increase their productivity, if they participate in sports/’after-school activities’, how much free-time they have, what they do in their free-time, about their interests and about what motivates them. From these answers, through the use of an algorithm, we will be able to create a time-table specific for the individual. Other than that, this questionnaire will help us get to know our customers better so that we can advertise in a suitable way by promoting certain themes to certain users. For example if someone plays the piano and is interested in music, our app would suggest that the person buys the ‘Music’ theme to keep things interesting and personal. We believe that our app will be unique because it will be customizable, relatively cheap (themes), available to the global market and it will have incentives (discounts) to encourage people to use it.