Pulse was founded on 19th March, 1997, with the purpose of being an active organisation representing students all over the islands. Commencing operations at the G.F. Abela Junior College and the University of Malta, Pulse started fielding candidates for the students’ council elections, with a successful result and a notable track-record, especially in KSJC: the Junior College students’ council.


SDM was established in 1974, during a troubled political period. The organisation’s work revolves around Youth Participation in politics. This objective has been consistently present in the Academic and extra-curricular activities that SDM organises. SDM is the ideal forum where every student is encouraged to express his/her ideas whilst giving a contribution to students’ life.


A Student-led Organisation focused on the Performing Arts and Theatre events within the Junior College – including but not limited to the annual Soiree and Christmas Concert.

Teatru Kullegg

Chrisco has the mission to get those students that are feeling lost in the college and put them back on the road of life. We use the expression that you first come in the college as a closed flower and then Chrisco opens that flower.

The UoM JCO forms an integral part of the college cultural agenda. It performs a vast repertoire of popular classics under the baton of Mro. Manoel Pirotta. Performs in many a local events and also played in major European cities. First CD album ‘Celebrating 15 years’ (2013). A 2nd. CD album ‘In Christmas Mood’ to be launched this year to mark its 20th anniversary.

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